Shpresa Mustafa – President of the Board of Directors

Shpresa Mustafa is the president of the SCAAK Board of Directors for the mandate 2020-2022. She has experience in senior financial positions as manager of various audit departments. Shpresa has been part of Grant Thornton auditing firm as Senior Auditor and later on she was promoted to Audit Manager. She has also been Director of Internal Audit at LLC, President of the Audit Committee at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kosovo, and is currently part of the management of Birra Peja JSC and President of the Board of Abrazen LLC. Since April 30, 2019 she has been appointed a member of the Public Oversight Board of the Kosovo Financial Reporting Council

Shpresa has been a member of SCAAK since 2005, has served as President of the Disciplinary Committee for the period 2008-2010, now is President of Quality Assurance Committee and holds the designation Certified Auditor.