Practical Experience Requirement

2017-11-16 - 11:28

SCAAK's Practical Experience Requirement (PER) is a key component in SCAAK certification programs. In addition to exams completion, candidates must also meet the practical experience for a Certified Accountant, Certified Auditor, Public Sector Certified Auditor and Certified Internal Auditor.

SCAAK's practical experience requirement is based upon International Educational Standard 5, Practical Experience Requirement (IES 5) of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

Practical experience is competence-based. Competences are a set of skills, attitudes, behaviors, knowledge and skills that enable a SCAAK member to perform their job effectively. PER provides a framework for achieving and confirming effective and sustainable performance at workplace.

By the time the students complete their training and examination program, they would most likely have met most of the requirements related to practical experience. In the early stages of your studies, you may not be employed in accounting or employed at all so this guide should help you identify examples of tasks and competencies that were learned or ought to be learned in workplace by professional accountants and auditors.

As you progress through SCAAK professional education program and start to succeed in your exams, your employment opportunities in any organization, that would provide practical experience, will increase. You become more qualified while passing your exams, whereas potential employers notice you are learning, succeeding, and being serious about your career development.

Accounting Technicians, Certified Accountants, Certified Auditors, Public Sector Certified Auditors and Certified Internal Auditors, have an important role in each sector of the economy therefore you can gain your experience in any sector. The most important thing is what you learn and how you apply your knowledge and skills.