Our mission

2017-09-14 - 10:58

Our mission is to develop and advance a competitive professional accountancy organization in the international market, meeting the highest professional and ethical standards, and perfecting organizational performance through financial management, assurance and specialized expertise. We act with integrity, objectivity and dedication towards quality and public interest.

Since the establishment in 2001 and on, the values we have developed and maintained, such as providing opportunities and support to students, our members and employers, innovation for opportunities and solutions for building the future of the profession and continuous maintenance of accountability and integrity of our members and of services they provide, have only strengthened and brought forward our mission towards a leading organization in creating, evaluating and interpreting information that measure and advance organizational performance so we could provide the best choice for financial management, assurance and other specialized services.

We are determined to continue forward in developing a training program that is comparable to the most eminent professional organizations’ programs that meet the needs of the private and public sector, developing and advancing our members, extending membership in international professional organizations, always serving the public interest, professional development, economic development of the country and its integration to relevant international bodies.