How to become a member

2017-09-20 - 06:43

Your work and sacrifice deserve to be recognized and appreciated and being a SCAAK member is a reward for your commitment as well as it is a study and development of a work style based upon the highest ethical standards that emphasizes critical thinking and technical skills.

To become a SCAAK member, you should:

  • have finished all the certification program’s papers;
  • have met the practical experience requirements;
  • develop professionally through CPD sessions.

By being a SCAAK member:

  • you are distinguished as a qualified accountant and auditor and demonstrate your commitment to high ethical and professional values and lifelong learning;
  • you have the opportunity to choose where to work - in every sector, anywhere in the world;
  • you increase your employment opportunities because employers recognize the value that SCAAK certification brings to their business;
  • you are on the top level of the profession.

Therefore, ensure:

  • regular update of your progress on the practical experience forms – PER form;
  • you have saved copies of any records relevant to your employment and job experience; This might be required for the purpose of supervising the PER forms by SCAAK;
  • your contact information is up-to-date, especially your email address in order to be informed about all requests, news and announcements by SCAAK for its members.

Useful information on SCAAK membership

Annual (calendar year) membership fees in SCAAK are broken down in the following scheme:

Designation Fee in EUR
Student 60
Accountancy Technician 84
Certified Accountant 120 + 100 (Quality Management for Compliance with Standards )
Certified Auditor 144 + 100 (Quality Management for Compliance with Standards )
Statutory Auditor 144 + 200 (Quality Management for Compliance with Standards )
Public Sector Certified Auditor 144
Certified Internal Auditor 144 + 100 (Quality Management for Compliance with Standards )

From the moment you’ve gained one of the above designations, you would have to pay the set fee for that level. Annual membership fee has to be paid on the first quarter of the year. The annual membership fee is a condition for you to be involved in SCAAK activities (CPD, seminars and other SCAAK services) and to be updated on the news related to profession.

You pay the annual membership fee up to your earned designation.

If you would need an invoice, please send your request to: [email protected].

You have to bring your payment receipt in person to SCAAK offices or send it scanned by email to [email protected].

SCAAK does not bear any responsibility over any possible error when parties provide payment data/details.

In case you haven’t paid your membership fee within the given timeline, you don’t have a right to any SCAAK service.

Annual membership fee is a requirement set in SCAAK Statute.

The annual membership fee should be done until May 31. After June 30, you would be removed from members list and would have to undergo the re-activation procedure.

If you are not ready for membership yet then we are ready to support you as you continue to work towards meeting the practical experience requirements as well as completing PER forms.

If you have any questions regarding PER or membership requirements, you can write to us to our email address [email protected]

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