Senior Tax Expert

2022-05-05 - 04:01

Senior Tax Experts help businesses manage risk, meet regulatory requirements, and reach their strategic objectives. From tax reporting to the transformation of tax functions, tax experts help to foster innovative ideas and technologies to develop the future tax function.
Senior Tax Experts use their knowledge of tax legislation to provide consulting services to clients, ensuring that they are paying their taxes the most efficiently and benefit from any tax advantage and tax exemption. They must be in step with time about changes in tax laws and explain in simple terms complicated legislation and its implications to their clients.

Senior Tax Experts benefit from the following skills and you are able to:

  • Record transactions in bookkeeping books;
  • Prepare the basic financial statements under IFRSs and IFRSs for SMEs;
  • Harmonize cash book with bank statements;
  • Make adjustments in accounting and correct errors;
  • Identify business entities and their need for financial reporting;
  • Analyze and interpret the financial statements;
  • Explain the compliance of accounting with national taxes and fulfillment of requirements;
  • Prepare forms of tax declarations for individuals and organizations in accordance with local legislation requirements (WM / CM / WR, QL / QS, IL / IS, PD / CD, etc.);
  • Make the difference between tax planning and tax evasion;
  • Interpret and apply all applicable laws and administrative instructions in force in Kosovo.

A candidate who successfully completes all subjects and meets requirements such as university education, professional education, and practical experience, gains the designation "Senior Tax Expert"

In order to win the designation "Senior Tax Expert" members must perform the obligations of this level in accordance with the requirements explained.

Existing members of the Association who hold the designations of Certified Accountant or Certified Auditor will earn the designation of Senior Tax Expert upon completion of the T5 exam.

Entry Requirements

  • A university Bachelors Degree
  • 24 months of experience in accounting, taxation or auditing to win the designation “Senior Tax Expert”- which can be gained during or after training.

Specialization requirements

  • University education: candidates must have at least a university Bachelors Degree.
  • Professional education: candidates must have had attended the professional training of this program and passed all relevant exams.
  • Practical experience: candidates must have at least 24 months of experience in accounting, taxation or auditing to win the designation 'Senior Tax Expert'
  • Code of Ethics: candidates must comply with the IFAC Code of Ethics requirements.