Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

2021-02-05 - 11:00

SCAAK defines Continuing Vocational Continuous Education (EVP) as: 

"Systematic and continuing maintenance, improvement and development of knowledge, skills and opportunities necessary to work as a Certified Accountant or Certified Auditor, professionally appropriately qualified."

SCAAK requires that all its members meet the CPD requirements in order to preserve their professional and personal competences. This is a duty towards themselves, their clients and their employers, as well as SCAAK itself..

Our program enables a self-managed model that allows you to record your development. 

The fulfillment of the CPD program enables you to increase your credibility to your employers in terms of your commitment to be leaders in the accountancy industry and continuing improvement of your skills. 

CPD requirements 

In accordance with the applicable legislation on the accountancy and in accordance with the regulation approved by SCAAK, you must meet these obligations to CPD:

Auditors licensed by Kosovo Council for Financial Reporting

  • Minimum 40 hours of CPD activities within a calendar year, of which at least 24 hours are verifiable and recorded by the auditor.

Certified Auditors

  • 12 hours verifiable and recorded by the auditor.

Certified Accountants

  • 12 hours verifiable and recorded by the accountant.

Certified Internal Auditors

  • 8 hours verifiable and recorded by the internal auditor.

CPD Categories 

Continuing Professional Development includes:

UPDATING CPD, which provides professional competence and prevents knowledge outdate from the barriers that field in which the member works might carry out, and 

DEVELOPING CPD, which provides new knowledge, expands skills and opens up new career opportunities in profession. 

CPD Annual Plan 

Each year, based on the surveys conducted with SCAAK members and suggestions proposed by the Quality Assurance Committee, SCAAK Education Committee approves the annual plan of topics that would be covered during the year.