SCAAK Committees

2017-09-18 - 03:55

SCAAK committees are an integral part of the SCAAK organizational structure.

Committees are established for relevant areas in order to support the SCAAK's strategic plan implementation through activities defined in the work plan of each committee.

Committees Function

The SCAAK committees function represents a key role in achieving and developing Society’s goals, objectives and activities.

SCAAK committees operate under the SCAAK Regulations and Statute.

The regulation defines the Committees composition as well as the Committees members engagement period of time.

The composition of committees include SCAAK Council and Executive Office members.

Council members who are not involved in any committee are able to attend the relevant committee meetings as observers.

The mandate of committees’ chairperson, except the nominations committee chairperson, is one (1) year.

Committees’ Responsibilities

SCAAK committees report to the Assembly or Council, respectively their founder.

The committees’ scope and responsibilities are set out on the committee's regulations.

Committees' annual meetings would be held in accordance with the committees’ work plan.

Committees may have meetings other than those scheduled in cases when a review or expertise on issues that may arise from SCAAK's daily activities is required.

Committees report in regular periods and when Council requests so.

Behavior and Discipline Committee

Behavior and Discipline Committee is one of the SCAAK's basic committees. Committee’s responsibilities are set out on the SCAAK Statute and Committee’s Regulation.

Behavior and Discipline Committee sets disciplinary responsibilities of the Society’s members in cases of violations of law provisions, SCAAK Statute and the fundamental principles of the Code of Professional Ethics.

Behavior and Discipline Committee Members

  1. Elvira Ibrahimi Hoti - Chair
  2. Alban Lufi
  3. Fitore Neziri
  4. Kaltrina Kadriu Xhema
  5. Nekibe Haziri

Nomination Committee

Nomination Committee is responsible for developing the nomination process for members of the committees as well as members of the SCAAK Council. While carrying out the responsibilities set out in the Statute and Regulations, Nomination Committee cooperates closely with the Society’s Council and it reports to the Assembly.

Nomination Committee Members

  1. Afërdita Çarkaxhiu Gashi - Chair
  2. Adrian Alo
  3. Bashkim Uka 
  4. Nazmi Pllana
  5. Shaban Muharremi
  6. Tomor Zhaveli

Quality Management for Compliance with Standards Committee

The Committee’s purpose and objective is to ensure the public interest protection and to ensure that all SCAAK members provide professional services according to the highest ethical standards and in accordance with the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) Statement of Membership Obligations (SMO 1) as well as to ensure that these services are in compliance with the Code of Professional Ethics requirements.

Quality Management for Compliance with Standards Committee Members

  1. Shpresa Mustafa - Chair
  2. Ardiana Bunjaku
  3. Fahri Breznica
  4. Naim Avdiu

Professional Standards Committee 

In line with the SCAAK's mission to serve the public interest and its commitment to the Statements Membership Obligations implementation, the Committee provides the oversight of the SCAAK’s guidelines and standards’ adoption, implementation and strengthening. Committee prepares guidelines on the implementation of professional standards related to financial reporting including ISA, IFRS, IPSAS.

The Committee cooperates with standard-setting bodies, including the Kosovo Council on Financial Reporting (KCFR) and relevant international bodies to ensure a continued cooperation in development and implementation of standards that are important for accounting and auditing.

Professional Standards Committee Members  

  1. Adrian Alo
  2. Alban Lufi
  3. Bekim Berisha
  4. Jan Tyl
  5. Lulzim Berisha
  6. Nazmi Pllana
  7. Teuta Ukshini
  8. Xhevdet Beqiri

Professional Education Committee

The Committee is involved in designing policies for students training and education as well as for education of members after their certification. The Committee promotes effective methods and tools for professional education and it also promotes the requirements and opportunities of the Continuous Professional Development for its members.

Professional Education Committee Members  

  1. Lulzim Krasniqi - Chair
  2. Edona Perjuci
  3. Naim Avdiu
  4. Lulzim Zeka
  5. Visar Jasiqi

Taxation Committee

The Taxation Committee advises on tax matters based on SCAAK's research and experience of its members employed in accounting, auditing and financial areas. The Committee ensures that SCAAK members have sufficient access to information and have high level of education to provide high-level professional advice on tax issues to their employers, clients and other parties.

Taxation Committee Members

  1. Fahri Breznica - Chair
  2. Burim Zagragja
  3. Tomorr Zhaveli
  4. Xhemail Syla