Burim Ahmeti - Head of Legal Department and Procurement

During his experience at SCAAK, Burim Ahmeti has been involved in drafting and updating the SCAAK's basic documents including statute, regulations, procedures and decisions of the highest bodies and other documents within the scope of the Association's activity. He is also responsible to ensure the compliance of basic documents with applicable legislation in the Republic of Kosovo, to provide legal opinions for their most efficient implementation and monitoring.

He is also involved in the procurement development by being responsible for the proper application of the approved procedures. As a SCAAK representative, he participated in many working groups of different ministries for the preparation and drafting of laws and administrative instructions such as the Administrative Instruction for Books and Commercial Registers, the Law on National Qualifications Authority, the Law on Bankruptcy and more recently he is also a member of the working group of the Ministry of Trade and Industry for the EU Services Directive.