COVID-19 :

Dear members, colleagues and partners

I wish all of you and your relatives are in good health in these uncertain times.

We are in a situation like never before. The COVID-19 is a threat to our health and to all those around us, and the best way to deal with this situation besides advice from health institutions is social distancing. However, this distancing does not mean complete disruption or interruption of our activities. Now more than ever we find it important to stay in constant touch with our members and associates and share experiences with each other through virtual communication.

For us as professionals, it is important to offer our expertise to meet the demands of businesses knowing that this situation is causing an economic crisis and businesses will need business structuring advice, cash flow forecasts, advices on tax or credit matters.

Taking into consideration the impact of COVID-19 on the profession and the economy in general, we as a professional society have opened a portal on our website that will enable the sharing of articles, opinions and other information by our members and associates, international federations and professional organizations, in the face of the current situation.

I hope that together we can handle this situation as easily as possible.


Ardiana Bunjaku

Executive Director

How SMPs are Supporting SME Clients Through the Crisis

Source: EFAA EFAA recognizes that while SMPs are heavily impacted by the coronavirus they are an invaluable source of guidance and expertise on financial management for SMEs. Many if not most SMEs are under enormous financial stress right now, and likely to be for some time, and so timely advice...

2020-04-07 - 12:32 Read more

EFAA Calls for Urgent Action to Support SMEs and SMPs

Source: EFAA EFAA has urged EU institutions and national governments to take urgent action to protect and support SMEs during this time of crisis. While the first and foremost concern and priority is to protect citizens health, EFAA stresses that SMEs will be the most severely impacted by the...

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Guidance for SMPs Coping with the Crisis

Source: EFAA SMPs are also struggling to cope with the crisis and need guidance on how to sustain their practice and operate as normally as possible. Here is some free guidance for SMPs sourced from around Europe and the rest of the world: COVID-19 Resources from IFAC’s Network...

2020-04-07 - 11:52 Read more

Impact on Reporting Entities and Auditors

Source: EFAA This article looks at the impact on reporting entities and auditors and how authorities are responding to the coronavirus crisis. The article focuses mainly on Asian countries that were first impacted. There may be lessons for European countries that are currently bearing the brunt...

2020-04-07 - 11:51 Read more

Getting government financial management systems COVID-19 ready

Article published by: World Bank Blogs So far, many developing countries have been experiencing less impact from COVID-19 than more developed countries. This gives them a narrow window of opportunity to get government systems prepared for an effective response in terms of containment and...

2020-04-03 - 04:57 Read more

Tips for Making Virtual Connections Work for You

Article written by: Alta Prinsloo - Executive Director with primary responsibility for IFAC’s new approach to advancing education for future-ready professional accountants Source: IFAC Virtual meetings have long been a relatively cheap and carbon-friendly alternative to in-person...

2020-04-03 - 04:46 Read more

Ekonomia në kohë pandemie

2020-03-29 - 12:01 Read more

Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Article written by: Phd. Edona Perjuci Today we are witnessing that the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic is greatly affecting the overall global economic development and stability of financial markets. In this situation, the economic consequences, beside from the fact that they have...

2020-03-29 - 12:00 Read more

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Guidance on audit issues arising from the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic

Article published by: The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) AUDIT ISSUES ARISING FROM THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) PANDEMIC   COVID-19 is causing a shock to the global economy that could prove sharp and large but should be temporary* (Bank of England). ...

2020-03-27 - 09:45 Read more

Goditja ekonomike pas pandemisë Covid-19

2020-03-27 - 09:42 Read more

ESMA issues guidance on accounting implications of COVID-19

Article published by: The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s securities markets regulator, has issued a Public Statement on some accounting implications of the economic support and relief measures adopted by EU...

2020-03-27 - 09:41 Read more

Implikimet e koronavirusit COVID-19 në çështjet e raportimit financiar

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Financial Management Tools to Help SMEs Weather the Crisis

Many tools and guidance are available to help SMEs manage their finances and right now financial management is crucial to the survival of many SMEs. Here are a few such tools: SME Financial Management Toolkit This SME Financial Management Toolkit is an online financial management tool...

2020-03-27 - 09:26 Read more

What boards can do to confront the coronavirus

Article written by: Sabine Vollmer - FM magazine senior editor Corporate boards have important duties to perform as responses to the new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, ripple around the world, disrupting supply chains, upsetting consumer spending, and placing anybody from political...

2020-03-27 - 09:06 Read more