Lendita Shahini - Head of Administration Department and HR

Lendita Shahini has been the head of the SCAAK Administration Department for over 15 years and is responsible for ensuring quality in the administration of all SCAAK processes and activities.

She has made a substantial contribution to the creation of the information system infrastructure for members, the implementation and integration of data into it, the planning and development of system processes and at the same time she is responsible for their maintenance and administration. She has been part of the team for development department for members and students for the purpose of improving quality at work while implementing the strategy and activities foreseen by SCAAK.

Among other things, she cares about the follow-up of human resources policies in accordance with the labor law. She has experience in managing and administering various projects, taking care that the scope and direction of each project are as planned. Lendita has participated in many trainings in the field of administration, human resources and project development. She holds the designation Accounting Technician, she is a member of the Human Resources Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce.